Locally minded chefs Andrea Reusing of Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and Brian McBride of Washington, DC, divulge their favorite regional food finds.

North Carolina

Cane Creek Farm

Chef Andrea Reusing of Lantern in Chapel Hill serves pork from Eliza MacLean’s Ossabaw pigs, descended from hogs stranded by conquistadors in the 16th century.

Castle Rock Gardens

According to Reusing, more and more North Carolina farms like Castle Rock are growing Japanese soybeans meant to be eaten fresh, not processed. “Our favorite is called Beer Friend,” Reusing says.

Mountain Gardens Herbs

Joe Hollis sells Appalachian and Asian culinary and medicinal herbs like Indian cucumber root and sansho leaves, which Reusing serves with fish.

Washington, DC

Pipe Dreams Fromage

Brad Parker’s tangy fresh goat cheese (sold at area specialty stores like Cheesetique in Alexandria, VA) is one of the best in the country, says Brian McBride of Washington, DC’s Blue Duck Tavern.

Rappahannock River Oysters

RRO’s luscious stingrays, snow hills and other oysters native to the Chesapeake Bay are “so fresh, it’s like you farmed them yourself,” McBride says.

Toigo Orchards

“Toigo grows excellent peaches; it preserves some in bourbon, which we use for pork dishes and to make peach ice cream,” McBride says.

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