Minneapolis Photo Tour: Mississippi River
Credit: Photo © Josh Haroldson

Minneapolis photographer Josh Haroldson credits his mother for planting the seeds of his adventurous instinct. "Growing up, she really tried to teach me to appreciate interesting places, moments and experiences," he says. "So when we'd visit somewhere like the North Shore of Lake Superior, we'd always be looking to see what was 'just up the trail' or we'd end up on a cliff and just sit and try to take in what it felt like to be there." When Haroldson brought his first camera on a European backpacking trip in college, he realized he had a knack for capturing those moments (and taking photos became "a great excuse to seek out unexpected adventures"). Haroldson's beautiful, contemplative shots can be seen on his fantastic Tumblr and Instagram feeds, as well as here in F&W's Minneapolis Photo Tour. Click through and then read on for Haroldson's favorite Minneapolis deli, his go-to bakery and the best way for a visitor to explore the city.

Favorite Minneapolis deli. Kramarczuk's. Their handmade sausages have been a staple in our family since just about when they opened in 1954. You can put together an awesome haul of fresh baked rye bread and smoked Ukrainian sausage that makes for a great picnic by the riverfront or at one of the breweries nearby.

Go-to Minneapolis bakery. Salty Tart in the Midtown Global Market.

Favorite Minneapolis bar. Marvel bar. They have a cocktail with aquavit and pickle juice that kind of tastes like a distillation of fishing in the north woods to me.

Best Minneapolis boutique hotel. Le Méridien Chambers Minneapolis.

Best activity for a visitor. Pick an area or two of Minneapolis you want to explore and then rent a bike from one of the many Nice Ride bike kiosks located all over the city. There are so many dedicated trails and bike lanes, especially around the Chain of Lakes, that you can cover a lot ground without having to deal with a lot of traffic.

Favorite Minneapolis shop. Askov Finlayson for menswear. Along with their own line of goods, I love that you can find so many things that are made in Minnesota like Red Wing Heritage boots and Frost River canvas bags.

Ultimate Minneapolis souvenir. A picture with Prince and if you know how to get one, let me know!

How to frame a shot. Always think about why you're taking the picture you're taking. So often people will just mindlessly point the camera at something or take 10 different pictures of the same thing hoping to get one good shot. Instead, always be aware of the reasons why you're enjoying a moment or a meal and try to add that into your composition.