Swap Buttercream for Buttered Brioche With This Lobster Roll 'Wedding Cake'

This mail-order kit comes with everything you need for a multi-tiered lobster feast.

Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake
Photo: Courtesy of Myseafood

Throwing a wedding can quickly become very expensive. It seems like as soon as you mention the W-word, everyone's prices triple. And so, if you're going to spend a fortune on a wedding cake, why not have it made from something that's already known for causing some sticker shock: lobster rolls!

The website Myseafood has teamed up with the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative to unveil what they're billing as "the first-ever Maine lobster roll wedding cake." Okay, sure, some lobster roll diehard may have had one specially-commissioned in the past, but now any lobster lover has the opportunity to head to myseafood.com and buy one of these cakes for their big day — just make sure you give them five weeks lead time.

What exactly is a "Maine lobster roll wedding cake" though? Is it a cake in the shape of a lobster roll? Does it have lobster-flavored icing? Is it a cake full of lobster chunks?!

No, this wedding cake is mostly made up of literal lobster rolls: 24 to 48 depending on how big you want it. The package — which does require some assembly — also comes with a tiered cake stand made of white melamine wood. The lobster rolls can then be arranged in a cake-like display with room for a small actual cake on top with a cake topper stating, "You're My Lobster." The topper is included, but the cake you have to supply yourself. (Yes, this is a wedding "cake" that doesn't actually come with the cake part, but it comes with tons of lobster, so at least there's that.)

Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake
Courtesy of Myseafood

Finally, the whole thing comes with two custom-embroidered Lobster Lovers bibs for the happy couple — or anyone else who doesn't want to make a mess while eating their lobster roll.

"Much like wedding season, Maine Lobster is synonymous with summertime and this year, we wanted to create something beautifully unique for lobster loving couples tying the knot," Christina Ferranti, director of marketing & product development for East Coast Seafood and Myseafood, stated. "We are excited to share the first-ever Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake with the world and hope it'll add something truly magical to this already-special occasion."

Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake
Courtesy of Myseafood

Now, be forewarned, your lobster roll wedding cake doesn't arrive ready to eat. The claw and knuckle meat has to be thawed, chopped, and seasoned with the included lobster spice blend. The brioche rolls have to be toasted in the included lobster butter. And then the rolls have to be built and arranged. But hey, you're about to be married, so this is a great chance to test how you work together when faced with adversity.

As for costs, a 24-roll cake is $854, a 36-roll cake is $1,225, and the largest 48-roll cake is $1,658. To do the math, that's around $35 per roll — though you're also getting the stand and other goodies. That might sound pricey, but last month, Maine's Portland Press Herald reported that rolls at some of the state's best known spots were going for more than $40 a pop. And that's before anyone even put the word "wedding" in front of it!

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