The Lobster Roll Clam Roll
Credit: Courtesy of The Clam

On a perfect summer day, what’s your lunchtime move: a fried clam roll, or a lobster roll? Chef Mike Price, at The Clam in NYC’s West Village, doesn’t want to choose. “The two most popular New England rolls are the fried clam roll and the lobster roll,” he says. “I basically took the best of both worlds and combined the two to make one incredible sandwich. I had never seen it done, and it’s a delicious match!”

The happy hybrid takes fried clam strips and a Maine lobster salad and piles it all on two slider-sized, butter-griddled brioche buns. Isn’t this picture enough to make you wonder, Why didn’t some one think of this before?

The bread: Brioche slider buns from Amy’s Bread.

The filling: First, the all-important lobster salad, with lobster from Maine tossed in a classic combo of mayo, lemon, red onion and celery. Then fried surf clams, battered in buttermilk and primarily corn flour, then fried to a golden crisp — ready to join their lobster friends in an unforgettable lunch.