Avocado Tempura Lobster Roll
Credit: Courtesy of Bottle & Bine

Avocado toast is probably the most Instagrammed sandwich in creation — although come summer, a good-lookin’ lobster roll isn’t far behind. So why not combine the two? That’s what chef Angie Berry does at Bottle & Bine in Manhattan with her Avocado Tempura Lobster Roll.

Call it East Coast meets West Coast — or just call it ridiculously delicious. Maine lobster, fried avocado, a little spice from horseradish aioli; what’s not to love?

The bread: A soft pain au lait bun from a local bakery.

The filling: For the all-important crustacean, Berry steams whole Maine lobsters and pulls out the tail and claw meat. That’s dressed with spicy horseradish aioli and fresh herbs before it’s piled on a bun and topped with tempura-fried avocado. "The tempura adds warmth and crunch to the cold lobster salad, while the horseradish aioli has a wasabi-like kick that gives the lobster roll dimension and cuts through the fat," says Berry. We’ll take it.