The small batch brews are being used to promote L.L.Bean’s Small Batch Bean Boots.

Credit: John Greim/Getty Images

From dad rock bands to coffee chains to colleges, everyone wants in on the craft beer craze. We’ve seen apparel brands like Lululemon and Woolrich get involved with brews. And now, you can toss L.L.Bean onto that list—the outwear company has collaborated on not just one, but five different, independently-brewed craft beers to promote this year’s release of its Small Batch Bean Boots.

As the impetus behind this project, the Freeport-based L.L.Bean acknowledged just how prominent brewing was in their home state, claiming that Maine has more breweries per capita than any other state. That stat is up for debate, though Maine is certainly towards the very top of the list. Either way, L.L.Bean saw a similarity in the state’s love of small batch craft beer and its own dedication to handcrafting its Small Batch Bean Boots, so the brand decided brewing a bunch of beers for the launch day celebration was a shoe that fits.

Five breweries—Fogtown, Rising Tide, Orono, Threshers, and Mast Landing—each made a different beer, all of which will be served on October 18 at the official Small Batch Bean Boot release party. Then, starting the next day, the beers will be available at the individual breweries and through “limited distribution” while supplies last. As for what kinds of beers have been produced, though they are described as “outdoor inspired,” additional details still appear to be under wraps before the big unveiling next Thursday (with details also to come, surprisingly). However, a promotional video does show that a couple of the brews are pale, another two are more amber hued, and the last one appears to be a dark stout.

“L.L.Bean and Maine brewers are known around the world for their focus on quality and innovation,” Sean Sullivan, executive director of the Maine Brewers’ Guild, said in a statement. “It’s been a pleasure to see what can happen when seemingly disparate industries collaborate, exchange ideas, and create new products to share.”