OK, so maybe Obama clinching the democratic nomination is the lead story in the NY Times today, but red wine still gets front-page coverage in this article about how it seems to slow aging. As usual, some mice got dosed—life as a lab mouse, just not so much fun—this time with resveratrol, a phytoalexin found in many red wines that may do everything from making you live longer to keeping you from getting diabetes to giving you powerful abs, a voice of thunder and the look of eagles, the latter effect a fine thing if you're a man and sorta disconcerting if you're a woman.

Actually it seems that resveratrol may help activate your sirtuins, which in turn effectively converts you from a machine made for reproducing the species into one made for keeping itself alive (to rather cavalierly gloss the Times content). The same result can evidently also be had by sticking to a famine-like diet. So, let's see here: famine-like diet or copious amounts of red wine?

Hm. I think I'll take the wine.