By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 07, 2015
Credit: © RooM the Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

If you drink enough alcohol, you’ll inevitably do something that you regret (for yours truly, it was the years 1994 to present). But can you really blame drunkenness for a “mistake” if you make it repeatedly? It’s a question a surprising number of vegetarians may want to start asking themselves.

A new study, conducted by VoucherCodesPro—surely a website not known for its scientific endeavors, but let’s go with them on this one—claims to have surveyed 1,789 vegetarians in the UK. Their opening salvo: “When drunk, do you ever eat meat?”

An alarming 37 percent of those questioned answered, “Yes.” But that’s just the beginning of how surprising things got. When asked how often they partook in this hypocritical habit, 34 percent chose the response, “Every time you are drunk on a night out.” If that’s true, it means that one out of every eight UK vegetarians eats meat whenever they have a couple too many pints.

If you’re left questioning the trustworthiness of your vegetarian buddies, you should. 69 percent of those meat-eating drunkards said they didn’t tell others about their boozy indiscretions. Not that it’s easy to miss your vegetarian friend drunkenly chowing down on a kebab, but it’s not particularly reassuring to know that they’d prefer to be lying to you about it if they could.

If this habit is as prevalent as this study suggests, maybe we should come up with a word for people who identify as vegetarians, but are willing to eat meat while drunk. I’m thinking omnivores.

[h/t Munchies]