Thieves Keep Stealing This Missouri City's Snack Cakes

Poplar Bluff, Missouri reports two storage units have been robbed of their Little Debbie cakes in the past five months.

You may not have heard of Poplar Bluff. The small Southeast Missouri city not far from the Arkansas border has a modest population of about 17,000 residents. But in 2021, Poplar Bluff has been making a name for itself in one very unlikely category: Little Debbie Snack Cake thefts. Twice this year, storage units in the area have been robbed of their snack cake stocks—which I assume is about two more large-scale Little Debbie Snack Cake thefts than have taken place anywhere else.

The year got off to an aggressive start with the first theft occurring in the early morning darkness of New Year's Day. According to KFVS, two suspects broke into a storage unit and stole 20 boxes: eight cases of bagged donuts, three cases of Strawberry Shortcakes, two cases of Zebra Cake Rolls, three cases of Susie Q's, two cases of Unicorn Cakes, and two cases of Birthday cakes—all of which were apparently loaded into a Lincoln MKZ sedan. Watching the video, the specific unit appears to be targeted, and the tenet reportedly told police the lock was broken. So at the very least, it's not like someone saw the boxes sitting out and decided to grab them on a whim. This was a planned snack cake crime.

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But as if a New Year's Day cake heist isn't odd enough, the story became even more bizarre last week when, once again, KFVS reported on another theft of Little Debbie Snack Cakes from a different storage unit. On May 22, once again, two suspects broke into a unit and carried off an undisclosed number of boxes of the snack cakes. Adding to the intrigue, it wasn't immediately known whether or not the two incidents were connected or not.

The Takeout explains that, at this point, neither case has been solved. But that doesn't mean the Poplar Bluff Police Department isn't trying. Videos of both crimes were posted to the department's Facebook page—and for the most recent theft, the police even tried to get a bit of extra attention for the clip by adding a humorous soundtrack: "The Twinkie Song" by Jim Ragsdale.

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