Little Caesars Finally Offers Pizza Delivery

The Detroit-based pizza chain's lack of delivery once set them apart, but the market has become too big to ignore.

Before seemingly every restaurant delivered, pizza delivered. And yet as Little Caesars expanded into America's third largest pizza chain, the company's lack of delivery was one of the biggest differences that separated it from the top two: Domino's and Pizza Hut. But now that almost every restaurant delivers, Little Caesars has decided it's time it should be delivering, too. And starting today, fans of the Detroit-based brand no longer have to be their own driver to get their hands on a Little Caesars pie.

Billed by the Wall Street Journal as "the first time in its 60-year history" that Little Caesars has offered delivery, the company announced today that "thousands of stores throughout the U.S." will make delivery "available for the full menu and during all store operating hours" through the brand's app or website. Furthermore, despite acquiescing on delivery, Little Caesars said it will continue to differentiate from "its pizza chain peers" by offering "the same every day menu price whether pick-up or delivery and regardless of quantity."

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"We've seen such expensive and complex pricings throughout the pizza industry, and we think it's crazy!" President & CEO David Scrivano stated. "Some chains require a minimum purchase to get their deals, or the discount pricing is only available on carry-out orders. We're excited to bring much needed affordability to delivered pizza."

It's worth noting that, speaking with the WSJ, Scrivano stated that basic pizzas could still be sold for just $5 through the service; however, a spokesperson also clarified that all orders will come with a $2.99 delivery fee plus a 10-percent service fee of up to $3.00. So, overall, delivery will cost customers more than pickup.

But even though delivery will make Little Caesars fans happy, the biggest news here may be behind the scenes. One of the reasons Little Caesars sat on the sidelines as other chains like Domino's, Pizza Hut, and Papa John's focused on delivery is that, in the past, delivery was an expensive investment. These brands all had to develop their own delivery programs and handle not only the cost of drivers, but also all the costs associated with the logistics of these services. But for its new delivery program, Little Caesars instead simply partnered with delivery industry leader DoorDash—something that wasn't possible back when their competitors began delivering. As a result, Little Caesars has pulled a bit of a metaphorical tortoise move in this race against the hares.

For customers, however, this partnership isn't being overtly touted. Instead Little Caesars' Chief Innovation Officer Ed Gleich hammered home the convenience. "Our delivery service is available directly on the Little Caesars app and website meaning now customers can satisfy their Crazy Bread craving while staying on our app and in their lounge clothes," he stated. I know you are a little late to the game, Little Caesars, but I can assure you your customers are very well trained in these activities.

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