It's like the opposite of delivery.

reserve-n-ready from little caesars
Credit: Courtesy of Little Caesars

When it comes to appealing to younger generations, the best customer service is apparently no customer service at all. As we discussed last year, millennials have been pegged as not feeling “like dealing with people” and wanting to “not see people.” Now Little Caesars pizza is taking that concept to heart. The pizza chain announced it’s testing “Pizza Portals” that will allow people to pick up their pies in store without talking to anyone at all. Hey, their slogan is “Pizza!Pizza!” not “People!People!”

Little Caesars describes the new Pizza Portal as “the first heated, self-service mobile order pick-up station in the quick service restaurant industry.” And the concept, called “Reserve-N-Ready,” is surprisingly straightforward and simple. Customers order a pie and pay through the Little Caesars mobile app which then alerts them when their order is ready. When customers arrive at the store, they look for the Portal—essentially a large warmer that’s electronically locked—and then enter a pin number or scan a QR code to unlock the compartment that’s keeping their order toasty… and off they go.

This new service will initially be tested in about a dozen locations in Arizona, according to Consumerist. If successful, the chain plans to roll it out to its over 4,000 locations nationwide next year.

Pizza shops have been keeping takeout orders warm by plopping them on top of the pizza oven for as long as pizza shops have been a thing. Though the idea of a Pizza Portal is certainly a significant additional expense requiring a lot of additional technology, at its heart, it’s not that different from how takeout pizza has always worked: It just removes any possibility of waiting in line and, of course, talking to another human being. “The genuine purpose behind integrating advanced technology into our stores is all about improving the customer experience, and building on our convenience and quality,” David Scrivano, President and CEO of Little Caesars, said in a statement.

Little Caesars isn’t the only pizza chain looking to change its ways to appeal to millennials’ technologically-advanced, human-free world. Just last month, Pizza Hut announced it was planning on hiring about 14,000 new drivers this year to improve its delivery service – another millennial favorite. The, of course, there's the Domino's pizza-delivering robot, a pizza warmer than comes to you, which is the best of both worlds.