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It's open, but it's not, like, open-open. 

Caitlin Petreycik
July 13, 2018

Nearly two years after Lisa Vanderpump approached two very pretty people named Tom—Vanderpump Rules castmates Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval—with the idea of opening a restaurant, their sexy unique vision is finally coming to life. This week, the trio held a "soft opening" for their new West Hollywood venture, Tom Tom (a source told Page Six that the official open is in "about three weeks"). 

So, now that the public is less than a month away from being able to sip rosé in the presence of greatness (Puffy. We're referring specifically to Puffy the pomeranian.), we thought it was time to round up everything we know about Tom Tom so far. Let's dive in. 


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  • It's snack-oriented: Tom Sandoval gave a step-and-repeat interview about "elevated bar food" and "share plates." 

  • The drinks are Lisa Vanderpump personified: Pink! Frothy! Flower-strewn!

  • And also, Stassi Schroeder personified: We appreciate the cocktail-lipstick-outfit coordination.
  • The Toms may not be the only Vanderpump Rules cast members behind the bar: On July 9, Jax Taylor tweeted, "meetings at the new #tomtom," leading some fans to believe he could be working at the new spot. 

Use to the fame ya'll ain't taking my soul, came in the game I was hot as a stove

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  • It has far-reaching reality star appeal: Here is a photo of Spencer Pratt, and Spencer Pratt's neck crystal, at the soft opening party. 
  • There's a website: It's really, really worth a look
  • Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval invested their own money in Tom Tom: $50,000 each, to be exact, which earned them both a five percent stake in the restaurant, according to The Daily Mail

I had the CRAZIEST dream last night...Somehow I had moved to LA and moved in with this dude I met on Craigslist @tomsandoval1. He shaved his forehead & taught me how to dress. Preener with a heart of gold. He asked me if his old pal from Miami could move in with us and I said sure as long as he's not too much of a presence. Cut to this big loud tan & gorgeous ahole barging in and telling me his name was @mrjaxtaylor . THEN somehow we all ended up on a tv show on @bravotv & opened a bar with @lisavanderpump & #kentodd literally called @tomtom . They taught me about hard work and the importance of giving back. No joke she even ordained my wedding. Had the great pleasure & honor of seeing this artist @nickalain & his wife Elena turn a dream into reality. We had the best staff and someone even referred to me as "boss". Somehow I had managed to find the best network of friends here and I had a beautiful wife named Katie. We bonded over our love of Taco Bell & Encino man. Sometimes we would postmates 3x a day and then hit @vodaspa .Had the cutest dogs ever and had this cool pad in West Hollywood. Land where anything is possible. I had grown up in the best state in the country #MN with the best friends and family. A place called Woodbury. Then got an incredible education at #FSU . More importantly met friends for life and learned to manage my time. To open my mind, to think critically. Blockbuster & Toys "R" us went out of business, Donald trump was president and someone made a movie called human centipede. It was strange as heck. I know it's frowned upon to ramble on about dreams but this one had to be told. Gonna drift back into that one now ... peace & love -t

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  • It's steampunk as hell: Look at all those clock gears! 

  • But also, very Lisa Vanderpump: As in, overstuffed couches and chandeliers everywhere. 
    • There's a lot of merch potential: Behold, a golden Tom Tom necklace, specially commissioned by Tom Schwartz. 

    • It has custom artwork inside: Like this Tom-on-Tom kiss, memorialized in black and white.