The rainbow-colored penthouse comes complete with Gushers, neon unicorn lights, and Trapper Keepers. 

If you grew up in the ‘90s, you’re probably familiar with Lisa Frank, the brand behind the vibrantly colorful folders, Trapper Keepers, stickers, and other stationery items that were a back-to-school staple. Although the products are increasingly harder to find these days, there’s a new way to live out your nostalgia, thanks to and Barsala.

Enter the Lisa Frank-themed hotel room, which will become available for guests to book later this month. The penthouse “flat” is located in downtown Los Angeles and is a rainbow explosion—seriously. Rainbow drapes frame a rainbow window, a rainbow underwater scene decorates the bathroom wall, and rainbow hearts cover the bedding. We’d expect nothing less from a Lisa Frank aesthetic.

Lisa Frank Hotel Room
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"We wanted to design a room that celebrates all things '90s, and nothing screams childhood nostalgia more these iconic designs," Adam Jay, President of, said in a statement.

The penthouse has an open bedroom and living room area, along with a kitchen space and bathroom. It does come with signature Lisa Frank items—pencils, folders, Trapper Keepers—which are stowed in the office area, in case you feel like writing a letter. But there are several other fun features, too, like the neon unicorn light above the canopy bed and an LED rainbow shower in the bathroom (naturally, with Lisa Frank bath towels to dry you off). To ensure you're in the spirit from head to toe, the room includes Lisa Frank sleepwear, including robes, slippers, and eye masks for each guest.

Lisa Frank Room Snacks
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A ‘90s-esque flat also wouldn’t be complete without ‘90s snacks, and the mini bar has plenty. Think Fun Dip, Pixy Stix, Gushers, Fun Stripes gum, Rain-Blo bubble gum balls, Little Hug Fruit Barrels, and Planters Cheez Balls, with Pop Tarts, seltzer, and rainbow twist lollipops in the mix, too. All of the snacks and drinks are free of charge. The entire spread just screams slumber party—perhaps with a movie marathon of Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and She’s All That to stay on theme?

If you’re interested, bookings will officially launch on October 11, for stays between October 11 and October 27. You can make the reservation on—just make sure you act fast. Something tells us the promise of Trapper Keepers and Cheez Balls will make this room sell out quick.