If you hadn't noticed, they've been missing since 2013. 

long lost lime skittles have returned
Credit: Courtesy of Skittles

We thought we'd already heard Skittles' biggest announcement of the year—that they're planning to release spicy Skittles later in 2017.

Yup, both Starburst and Skittles will soon be coming out with Sweet Heat versions that feature the flavors you know and love with an added spicy kick. (Granted, there's reportedly also an innovative-sounding new product called "Skittles Ugly Sweater Edition" on the way, but we don't have full details on that one just yet.)

I mean, there's only so much you can do with a bag of Skittles. What else could the candy company possibly have up their sleeve?

Apparently, a throwback: the brand announced in an emailed press release that they'll be releasing Skittles "Long Lost Lime" packs at select Walmart stores nationwide. The special edition pack includes all the traditional Skittles flavors (Orange, Lemon, Grape, and Strawberry) with the addition of Lime, which used to be a beloved Skittles flavor in its own right. Back in 2013, parent company Wrigley/Mars Inc. decided to swap out Lime for Green Apple, a decision that caused quite a commotion on the internet. Impassioned fans showed their support for the "long lost" flavor by flooding social media channels and even making heartfelt petitions to plead their case.

Now, their prayers have been answered. Alas, the packs will only be available for a limited time this summer (though the exact dates of the offer haven't been released). The good news? You don't have to say goodbye to Green Apple in order to savor that tempting Lime flavor, because Skittles "Originals" packs will continue to be sold alongside the Long Lost Lime ones.

The Share Size pack will be available at Walmart for $1.33, while the Lay Down bag will cost you $2.48, and a 41-oz. Stand Up Pouch will cost $6.98. You'll want the big one if you've been craving those little lime candies all these years so that you can sort them out and enjoy the walk down memory lane to your heart's content.