The rapper's pop-up will be open this weekend only in Hollywood. 
Lil Yachty pizza
Credit: Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

Pizza-obsessed rapper Lil’ Yachty is capitalizing on the success of his New York City pizza pop-up restaurant, which he opened for one weekend only in late August at Famous Ben’s in Soho, by taking his show on the road, to Los Angeles.

Yachty’s Pizzeria will be taking over Delicious Pizza at 6601 Sunset Boulevard this weekend, from noon to 7 p.m., Eater reports. Since the pop-up will only be running for two days, you can expect long lines and wait times. On the plus side, once you’re inside, you’ll be able to get Yachty’s Pizzeria merch, including hats, jackets, and shirts.

The rapper claims to love pizza so much that he’s eaten a slice every day since second grade—quite the accomplishment, though to be fair, he is only 19. Still, it's an impressive streak. Back in March, he even stopped by Stella Barra Pizzeria in West Hollywood to learn how to make his own pizza.

“I eat pizza every day for my whole life. That's just my life now,” he revealed in one interview. His favorite topping is a classic—pepperoni—but perhaps unsurprisingly, he’s down to eat just about any slice that comes his way.

Lil’ Yachty’s pop-up restaurant is in good company: Back in April of this year, an idea that Tupac once had for a restaurant came to life for one weekend only in New York City, called Powamekka Café. The venue was a tribute to the musician based on “a concept imagined on three handwritten pages from Tupac’s personal notebooks more than twenty-one years ago.”

Gwyneth Paltrow has dabbled in the pop-up shop concept over the summer, too; even Cheetos tried its hand at fine dining with a pop-up restaurant with dishes designed by Anne Burrell.

If you’re hoping to eat a slice with Lil’ Yachty (although there’s no guarantee he’ll make an appearance), you had better show up early—his throngs of rabid teenage fans are sure to show up in full force.