This Wine Company Is Offering a Lifetime Subscription for $6,000

That's four bottles a month, every month, basically forever.

How much would you be willing to pay to guarantee that you always had a bottle of wine on hand? Whether you want a nice red to pair with a special dinner, need a glass of whatever goes with leftover takeout, or are scrambling to find something to take to your neighbors' last-minute party, you'd be covered… for the rest of your life.

Obvious Wines wants to give you that opportunity. The company, which offers "Fair Trade, Estate Grown, Vegan, [and] Snob Free" wines, has launched a $6,000 Life of Wine offer, which guarantees its subscribers four bottles of wine every single month, for life.

Obvious Wines
Courtesy of Obvious Wines

Although six grand is a significant chunk of change, we did some math on this deal. Assuming that the average cost of a bottle of Obvious Wine is about $20, that means if you ordered four bottles every single month, you would've gotten your money's worth in a little over six years. (By late spring 2029, you're drinking for free, baby!)

"What if you always knew you had a quality wine to come home to? What if you never had to worry about having wine for an unexpected guest again? What if you were always prepared to bring delicious French sparkling wine to any event on the calendar?" Obvious Wines founder and CEO Brice Baillie said in a statement. "Working in the wine trade, we can be somewhat desensitized to such conveniences as we often have an excess of great boutique wine on hand. Our goal is to make that same peace of mind more accessible."

Obvious Wines
Courtesy of Obvious Wines

The Life of Wine membership includes any wines that are currently available through the Obvious Wines website, as well as any limited-edition wines. Obvious Wines currently ships to 35 states and Washington, D.C. — check their website for specifics — and all shipping and handling charges are included in the Life of Wine membership. ("We're actively discouraging people [from buying] this," the website jokes. "[I]t is a really bad deal for us.")

Obvious Wines' current lineup includes its Dark & Bold red blend ("a California take on the classic Bordeaux blend"); a 2020 Loire Valley Sauvignon blanc; a Chilean Pinot Noir "with a splash of Tempranillo"; a 2018 California Chardonnay; a Loire Valley sparkling wine; and 2020 Rosé blend.

That should cover just about every occasion — possibly for the rest of your life. Or you can opt to pick up a couple of bottles and see where we all are this time next year.

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