Pick up a six-pack of your favorite bottles ahead of Memorial Day. 

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Credit: © MarkSwallow / Getty Images

If you need to stock up on rosé for the summer season, look no further than Lidl, where you’ll find great deals on pink wine this month: This Thursday, May 17, the grocery store chain is launching a summer wine fair called Red White and Rosé.

Shoppers can mix and match from a selection of more than 30 bottles of red, white, and rosé wine to make a six-pack for 30 percent off. That means you could potentially pick up a six-pack of wine for as little as $21. The promotion ends on May 23, but the timing is perfect for stocking up on all the wine you need for Memorial Day celebrations.

Lidl—which originated in Germany and has since spread to the East Coast of the United States—has a great reputation when it comes to wine: The chain stocks more than 100 award-winning wines, including a Côteaux Varois rosé, which won silver at the 2017 Los Angeles International Wine Competition, and the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Processo, which won the 2017 sparkling wine of the year award at the Indianapolis International Wine Competition. In fact, back in December, one of Lidl’s £7 Chianti wines, called Classico Riserva (sold in the U.K.), won one of 14 gold medals at the International Wine Challenge. Chances are if you’re buying wine at Lidl, you’re buying something delicious.

At the same time, Lidl is launching an all-new, limited edition wine collection called Love Joy, which includes a sparkling Pinot Gris rosé and a Pinot Noir. Need another reason to choose this grocery store as your go-to destination for wine? Lidl also offers wine pairing advice if you need help figuring out what to eat with your new purchases.

Hopefully, you don’t need any more convincing: Memorial Day weekend just isn’t complete without wine (especially rosé) so head over to Lidl and stock up before time runs out.