The trunk is basically a wine cellar.

By Mike Pomranz
November 01, 2018

As a diehard wine lover, you acquire a lot of stuff. You definitely have your favorite corkscrew. Maybe a go-to decanter? Eventually, you realize you need a much larger wine rack. And that doesn’t even mention all the crazy little devices you pick up over the years. But you’ll know you’ve officially hit max wine obsession when you get one of these: a dedicated wine car.

Courtesy of Lexus

At this year’s SEMA car show, Lexus showed off a special edition of its 2019 Lexus ES 350 that’s intended to be a wine lover’s paradise — quite literally. In fact, VinePair dubbed it “a wine tasting room on wheels.” Though you won’t find any fermenters hidden under the hood, the vehicle certainly is equipped to handle all of your wine drinking needs. As Digital Trends explains, this Lexus has a temperature-controlled, six-bottle wine cooler tucked into a compartment in the truck with an adjacent compartment that holds four wine glasses. Not enough room? Apparently, there’s also a place to stash one additional bottle on the trunk’s left side: Consider that your “spare tire” wine for when all the other bottles are blown through. To complete the winery vibe, the wood-lined trunk also reportedly features a fold-out tablet and the corners are meant to look like wooden barrels.

Courtesy of Lexus

The wine associations don’t stop there either: The car’s red paint job is meant to evoke the color of something like a fine Pinot, the headrests have a wine bottle embroidered in them, and the floor mats are made of cork.

Courtesy of Lexus

Sadly, as Digital Trends reminds us, the cars presented at these kinds of shows “are rarely an accurate indication of what automakers are preparing to launch in the coming years.” Instead, they’re just meant to be attention grabbers (for free publicity like this!) However, at the same time, the mods on display were made to an existing line of cars: the Lexus ES 350 — so it’s not like recreating the concept means building a car from scratch. Where’s Pimp My Ride when you need it?