Looking to seize the season? You've got three new condiments to try on for size.
Lewis BBQ Sauce
Credit: Andrew Cebulka

Sure, there's always homemade barbecue sauce. But when you can buy bottled sauce from one of the best BBQ joints in the country, we wouldn't blame for loading up. In fact, we'd encourage it. Because earlier this summer, John Lewis of Charleston's Lewis Barbecue started selling three bottled barbecue sauces online. Lewis started bottling the sauces last year, but they were only available for purchase in the restaurant. Now, the whole country can get in on the action.

Lewis, a Texas native, earned his BBQ chops at none other than Franklin Barbecue, only to perfect his brisket skills at la Barbecue, before setting up shop in Charleston in 2016. He attributes his famed barbecue not to any rub or the way he slices his meat, but to the pit itself—the temperature and the smoke.

But for those of us who don't have personal access to a smoker, Lewis's sauces are a solid alternative.

There's Hatch Green Chile Barbecue Sauce, which is sweet and citrusy with a black pepper finish. There's Tangy Barbecue Sauce, which is a little hotter than the green chile flavor, but not overpowering. It definitely leaves your mouth puckering. And finally, there's the Original Red Barbecue Sauce, which is my personal favorite of the bunch. It's layered with turmeric and paprika and has subtle caramel notes.

Though Lewis made all the sauces for meat, he does have some favorite pairings. He recommends the Hatch Green Chile sauce on smoked turkey breast or chicken, the Tangy on pulled pork, and the Original Red with brisket and beef ribs. Oh, and he also says the Green Chile is amazing for breakfast tacos. (Say no more).

They're all-purpose sauces, which means you can use them to marinate ahead of time, or for dunking meat in while and after grilling (see here if you need a primer on this marinating alternative.)

All three sauces are made on site at Lewis Barbecue, and the bottle design was also created by Charleston's Stitch Design Co.