By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 25, 2016
Courtesyof LevitatingCUP

In these technologically advanced times, people at dinner parties no longer “ooh” and “ah” over pretty centerpieces or dinnerware. They need to be wowed. And if you want to leave mouths agape the next time you have company over (and you have an extra $800 to spend leaving them that way) you can serve some floating pre-dinner cocktails.

The Levitating Cup is the latest impressive, if a bit frivolous, item to take to Kickstarter. Using electromagnetic suspension—the same principal that allows high speed maglev trains to float just above the track—the cups hang over their magnetic bases until you grab them and take a sip. In other words, they eliminate the need to ever lay down a coaster again.

Are they the most practical addition to your home bar? No they are not. But come on people, where is your sense of wonder? Where is your pizazz? A set of Levitating Cups will let you live out your sci-fi drinking fantasies and look cool enough to cover up whatever shortcomings you might have when it comes to actual cocktail mixing.

The glasses come in several different designs for everything from whiskey to coffee to dessert. They also come with either wired bases that need to be plugged in or wireless ones that will let you float your cocktails wherever you are. Right now you can pick up a set of four glasses and bases for a contribution of $799 and the company looks to be well on its way to meeting its funding goal after raising more than 40 percent of the required money in just the first few days of the crowdfunding campaign.

Now, what to drink out of these…we’re going with a red wine float.