The giant cookies will be sold in the freezer aisle so you can eat them fresh-baked.
levain cookies
Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images

For years, Levain Bakery has been a mainstay of the Upper West Side, drawing blocks-long lines for their giant, puck-like chocolate chip cookies studded with walnuts. And for years, if you wanted those cookies, you had to venture up to 74th street. Recently, the bakery has made things a bit easier—first by opening new locations across the city, and now by announcing that their cookies will hit the supermarket freezer aisle.

Bloomberg reports that Levain Bakery's cult-favorite cookies are hitting select supermarkets in September. According to the article, the cookies will roll out first at Texas-based Central Market, and the bakery is currently in talks with other supermarkets for national distribution. They'll be available in four flavors—chocolate chip walnut, two-chip chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin—at $8 for a box of eight 2-oz cookies.

The particularly genius part is that they'll be sold in the freezer aisle, so you can under-bake them as egregiously as you please. (Or over-bake, we don't know how you like them.)

“Frozen provides the most consistent and salient experience,” said Rachel Porges, the company’s chief marketing officer, to Bloomberg. “We have yet to find a shelf-stable process that could deliver that for our cookie.”

The announcement comes at a time when Levain continues to expand its operation considerably, despite the barriers posed by coronavirus pandemic. They now have seven retail outfits in New York City and are still on track to open their first location outside of the city this September in Washington, D.C.

Until the frozen cookies hit supermarkets nationally, the bakery is still shipping nationwide via their website.