By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 07, 2014
Credit: © Platinum Lunch

A bento box lunch delivery service in Tokyo has started using models and actresses to deliver clients’ orders. Platinum Lunch, as the endeavor is called, came up with the idea after occasionally getting negative feedback about gruff deliverymen. “[Previous deliveries] were done by men, and we sometimes received complaints saying they didn’t have the right manner and never engaged with the customers,” Kenji Sakimoto, a company spokesman, told the Wall Street Journal.

To resolve the issue, the company forged an agreement with Platinum Productions, one of Japan’s major talent agencies, which agreed to provide friendly females to handle deliveries. But these women aren’t just pretty faces: They undergo much more extensive training than your typical delivery guy. “Orders must be placed three days in advance so that the delivery women can study the ingredients and details. They must be able to explain the menu to the customers,” Sakimoto told the WSJ.

As expected, getting lunch hand-delivered by models isn’t cheap. Platinum Lunch only works with corporate clients who are willing to order at least ¥30,000 ($263) in food. Then they tack on a 10 percent service charge from there.

Still, the idea of pairing models and actresses in need of work with over-priced food seems like a match made in creepy-businessman heaven. If no one has tried this idea in Los Angeles, it sounds like it’s time to start franchising. Plus L.A. has plenty of great bento box places.