By Kate Krader
Updated May 23, 2017

While Food & Wine is busy helping phenomenal chefs like Mario Batali and Rick Bayless make change and save the world, some other notable people are doing their part, too. Leonardo DiCaprio is partnering with outstanding coffee producer La Colombe Torrefaction to create a special blend called Lyon. All net profits will go to environmental projects supported by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. (The foundation works with, among others, the National Resource Defense Council and the World Wildlife Fund on one of my favorite initiatives, "Leonardo has an acute understanding of the challenges we all face," says Todd Carmichael, Torrecfaction's co-founder. "Particularly those people in the developing world, which incidentally, are also coffee growing countries."

The new eco coffee Lyon, has Leonardo DiCaprio's name all over it.And here’s more on Lyon coffee. It’s a blend of, no surprise, sustainably raised beans from Haiti, Peru, Ethiopia and Brazil. It’s available at Williams-Sonoma and select Whole Foods, plus at La Colombe cafés. You won’t see DiCpario acting as barista at La Colombe any time soon, unfortunately; he’s in Australia filming The Great Gatsby.