We love Lego. We love cake. So when a baker combines the two and creates something spectacular, we applaud. Especially when an amateur baker makes the cake, and even more so when it is a family affair.

Yes, Cupcakes by SJ has its own Facebook page featuring plenty of awesome baking images, but by its own admission, the company is not a “company” at all. “We're a family who love to bake & create cakes for family & friends, we're not a business,” the site proclaims. “This page was set up purely to show them what we've been doing.”

One of the things they’ve been doing is to unleash this awesome Lego wedding cake on the world for a cousin’s big day, featuring not only a Lego bride and groom on top but also Lego workers rolling out icing over the Lego brick base—all of which was supposedly edible.

The Facebook post on the cake has racked up nearly 150,000 likes and 70,000 shares, landing on sites like Mashable and BuzzFeed, as well as countless others. In a follow-up Facebook post, Cupcakes by SJ thanked the world for our interest in their work, but reiterated that they don’t really have the means to make as many cakes as have now been requested. “While all requests are seriously considered, I had no idea one picture would create the reaction & influx that it has in the last 2 days and am sorry that many requests are not possible to fulfil,” they wrote.

Hey, no one said the life of an amateur baker was easy! And for those making cake requests, you’re probably not a professional either, which means you should be just as qualified to bake your own damn cake!