It’s amazing what you can do with Legos these days. Thanks to their line of Mindstorms products, you can build working robots and other functional mechanisms. Armed with all this tech, the YouTube channel Astonishing Studios decided to construct a machine that dispenses four-piece boxes of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets because…I don’t know, I guess the drive thru is too taxing.

Whatever the reason, this hand-built machine accepts two euro coins, spitting out a box of McNuggets and a dipping sauce in return. It’s a fun little DIY vending machine.

Unfortunately, on a practical level, it has plenty of shortcomings. The small Lego machine doesn’t have much of a McNugget holding capacity – though that’s probably best, being that it’s also not heated. Customers also don’t have a choice in their dipping sauce; instead, you’re stuck with whatever happens to pop out. (Sweet and sour? Gross.)

Oh yeah, and the coin box can easily be robbed if you simply have the proper Lego axis piece. Or you could just rob the whole thing because it is made out of Legos.

Still, it sure beats the crap out of all the non-McNugget dispensing stuff I built with Legos when I was a kid. The little Lego people living in a lame Lego house I put together years ago now seems quaint. It was like living in preindustrial Lego times.