If these food-shaped shacks get enough supporters on the Lego Ideas website, the kits could end up in stores.
fast food fries stand
Credit: Courtesy of LEGO

Though many of us give up on our Lego-building ways as we get older, adults who are interested in continuing their Lego hobby have an outlet for trying to get their ideas for new Lego sets into stores even if they don’t work for the company. Since 2008, the officially-sponsored platform Lego Ideas has allowed Lego artisans to share ideas for new Lego sets, and if those ideas get enough support, a review board of professional Lego designers and marketers will actually consider your set for public release.

What’s that have to do with food and/or wine, you might ask? Well, plenty of the concepts found on Lego Ideas are food-related. Someone pitched an In-N-Out Burger set. And back in September, another Lego fan submitted his idea for a Lego food truck. But currently trending is a project by builder FrostBricks called “Food Stand Diners.” The multipart set offers three different food stands—one each in the shape of a shake, hamburger, and fries.

lego ideas food diners
Credit: Courtesy of LEGO

“Each food stand is modeled to resemble a life-size food counterpart, whilst also being a minifig-scale food stand. Perfect for either play or display, with fully detailed interiors so the [Lego people] can prepare their specialty burgers, milkshakes and fries,” explains FrostBricks. “It's also proposed there'd be a range of food accessories included, burgers, drinks and more (a birthday cake perhaps?) Along with a table and additional minifigures included, so that you could create your own family enjoying a lovely day in the park.”

burgers and fries
Credit: Courtesy of LEGO

To make it to the official review stage, a project needs 10,000 supporters. (For the record, according to Wikipedia, 19 sets have been released to retail through Lego Ideas.) With over 1,800 as of this writing, FrostBricks still has a ways to go. That said, unlike your typical crowdfunding website, supporting ideas for Lego sets doesn’t cost a dime. You just need a free Lego login and you can show your support for a future Lego world where little Lego men and women can eat as unhealthily as we do in real life!

However, even if Food Stand Diners never makes it into stores, fear not. FrostBricks says that if he can get just 2,500 supporters he will release a Lego Digital Designer file and YouTube build video on how to make the Milkshake Stand so the dedicated Lego fan can still build their own food-themed food stand (assuming they have all the parts).