This stop-motion film features ingredients made out of the plastic bricks.

lego breakfast toast and eggs
Credit: Courtesy of Brick Bros Productions

Kellogg’s famously sold its Eggo waffle brand with the slogan, “Leggo my Eggo.” But if you’re interested in a more literal “Lego” breakfast – no waffles included – you’ll definitely want to check out this YouTube video.

The guys who run the YouTube channel BrickBrosProduction have been doing some pretty cool stuff with Legos for a couple years now. They specialize in stop motion, taking a bunch of single frames of Lego creations and turning them into fun animations. But their latest project, entitled “Lego In Real Life,” is already one of their most popular. In the video, a boy cooks a breakfast where all the ingredients are made out of Lego bricks. He uses Lego butter to grease a pan, cracks and fries Lego eggs then adds a bit of Lego salt and pepper, toasts Lego bread before slathering it with Lego jam, and pours a glass of Lego milk… all in stop motion.

According to the video description, the just two minute clip required 1,500 pictures to be taken over three days of filming – a lot of work to make a breakfast that no one can actually eat. (Well, maybe a Lego man can eat it; we're not really sure how that works.) And if you like this sort of thing, BrickBrosProduction gives an important shout out. “As you can probably tell, this brickfilm was heavily inspired by PESfilm's awesome stop motion animations!” they write.

Yup, if you can’t get enough of bizarre food-inspired stop motion YouTube clips, the channel PESfilm is also a treasure trove of these kinds of videos. He’s made a “Submarine Sandwich” out of old sports equipment. He’s made “Western Spaghetti” out of all sorts of household objects. And in 2013, his video “Fresh Guacamole” was even nominated for an Oscar. Here you’ve been wasting your time cooking with real ingredients when you could have become a YouTube celebrity by cooking with fake ingredients all along!