Brooklyn Photo Tour: Di Fara Pizza
Credit: Photo © Daniel Krieger

New York City is a place known for its pizza. And yet, in that intensely competitive environment, I’ve heard more than one pizza snob I respect suggest that Brooklyn’s Di Fara might be the best of the bunch. Not bad for a tiny half-century old pizza shop that most New Yorkers would consider to be in the middle of nowhere. Granted, a location deep in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Midwood is part of the shop’s appeal. Unlike other New York pizza mainstays like Lombardi’s, which is right in Manhattan or Grimaldi’s, which easily fits into the tourist trappings of walking across the Brooklyn bridge, to get to Di Fara, you have to take the subway out to where it’s not so subterranean anymore – and then be prepared to wait up to an hour once you arrive. But if you’re the kind of person who considers these to be bugs, not features for a pizza eating experience, Di Fara has just made life a little easier, offering delivery for the first time in its 51-year history.

Last week, Di Fara started letting UberEats deliver its pizza during a limited window to a relatively limited area. According to The Daily Meal, orders for pies can only be placed from noon until 5pm to a delivery area that many of Brooklyn’s newest residents will consider disappointingly small, only reaching as far north as Ditmas Park and as far west as Bay Ridge – meaning hungry Park Slopers are out of the delivery loop, not to mention other hip Brooklyn meccas like Williamsburg or any of NYC’s other four boroughs.

However, if you do happen to live in Di Fara’s delivery range, Daily Meal writer Fabiana Santana says you have plenty to get excited about. She took the UberEats delivery for a lunchtime test drive on Friday and reported that she only waited about 40 minutes for a pie that “was as crisp and perfect as an in-store slice.” As may be expected, there were a few kinks, including that the pie arrived broken down into slices because the biker who delivered it wasn’t yet equipped with a pizza box carrier. But hey, there are no pizza box carriers on the Q train either, so I think we can safely chalk this one to “beggars can’t be choosers.”