By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 05, 2015
© Wyatt McSpadden

No one likes a cheater, whether it’s in sports or school or barbecue—which might explain why the barbecue restaurant regularly held up as one of America’s best recently decided to put a ban on professional line holders.

Austin’s Franklin Barbecue is used to its long lines, which tie brisket lovers up for hours. But one man’s wait was another man’s (or actually, teenager’s) business opportunity. Earlier this year, 13-year-old Desmond Roland started what he called “BBQ Fast Pass”—offering to wait in line for cash so he could save up money for a car.

Apparently, the team at Franklin has finally had enough, and over the weekend the owners banned all line holders, regardless of the reason. “We owe it to the rest of our faithful customers to not allow the distraction,” Aaron and Stacy Franklin told Eater. “We prefer to serve our customers in house, and not to have a second party representing our food and brand.”

Desmond has since decided to stand down, stating today on the @BBQFastPass Twitter account, “I respect the decision and I'm grateful for the opportunity to make BBQ wishes come true.” However, whether this will truly put an end to the matter is yet to be seen. If baseball can’t stop Ryan Braun from using steroids after instituting a ban, what chance do rule-abiding barbecue lovers stand?