By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 11, 2016
Credit: © Paul Treacy / Alamy

Everyone expected legalized marijuana to be popular, but maybe not this popular. New data suggest that, in Spokane County, Washington, the amount of pot sold per household is greater than the amount spent on basics like milk and bread. Even wine falls behind legal weed when it comes to last year’s expenditures. In fact, one of the few things that trumps pot is another casual intoxicant: beer.

According to sales numbers from the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Bureau, Spokane County marijuana sellers reported over $43 million in sales last year – or the equivalent of $225.64 per household. That’s over double the $109.71 households spent on bread last year, the $154.85 spent on wine or the $155.37 spent on milk. Beer just barely edged out pot, with reported retail sales in the county averaging out to $232.70 for every household.

Of course, these numbers are averages, meaning that not every household spent over $200 last year on pot. A spokesman for the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Bureau pointed out that typically about 20 percent of people account for about 80 percent of the sales. Additionally, not all the marijuana was actually bought by residents of or consumed in Spokane County: People can come to Spokane, buy their legal dope and then depart with it.

Still, sales are projected to continue growing. According to The Seattle Times, the money spent on pot in Spokane could soon eclipse the amount spent on arts, entertainment and recreation – things like live music and museums – combined. Maybe if they get high enough, they’ll get the munchies and even start buying more bread.