It's a tiny convenience in a world built for righties. 
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Credit: LongHorn SteakHouse

While lefties may be in good company—Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Prince William are all southpaws—they're members of a small club. Only ten percent of the world's population is left-handed, which means a lot of basic items (scissors, video game controllers, spiral notebooks) are built solely with righties in mind. That's why LongHorn SteakHouse is celebrating International Left Handers Day (Monday, August 13) with the release of a limited-edition lefty steak knife.

The need for such a tool may not be as obvious as, say, that of a left-handed can opener (the standard version is a lefty's greatest nemesis), but the knife does has its benefits. Steak knives are typically designed with the serrated edge angled towards the right side of the blade. So, left-handers are forced to either cut with their non-dominant hand or saw through their meat with the knife's duller edge. But LongHorn's special knives are angled to the left, so southpaws don't have to put in any extra effort to enjoy their steak.

Here's the catch: LongHorn is only rolling out left-handed steak knives at the three outposts with the highest number of lefty staffers (Des Plains, Illinois; St. Petersburg, Florida; and Millville, New Jersey), and you need to be an eClub member to take one home with your meal (while supplies last). If you don't live near one of those spots, here's some more left-handed cutlery you can score online.

Credit: Lefty's The Left Handed Store

An affordable stainless steel steak knife, for left-handed grillmasters.

Credit: Lefty's The Left Handed Store

This little knife greatly reduces the chance of you reaching for the Band-Aids in the middle of deveining shrimp.

Credit: Amazon

Scallops are placed on the front side of the blade instead of the back side, making it easier to slice into crusty bread.

Credit: Amazon

Sharpened just for lefties, which is key when you need to cut something super precisely.