Credit: © Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

After 13 years in the public spotlight as an NBA superstar – and, of course, one very public “The Decision” event – you’d think there wouldn’t be many LeBron James revelations left to hear. At least big ones anyway. But in a recent interview with, he discussed something that could upset bacon lovers everywhere, crediting his durability to the fact that he no longer likes to dig on swine.

“Oh, you can tell the difference,” explained James, who says he gave up pork seven years ago, heeding a suggestion from his uncle. “It's in how I recover, the energy I have. It has helped a lot with my performance. Overall, I've just been feeling good.” For three of those years, he says he also had given up red meat, but added it back at the advice of his nutritionist. Still, mostly he just eats chicken, fish and pasta.

Writer Chris Haynes even relates an anecdote about a time he saw the hungry basketball star turn down pizza because it had pepperoni as a topping. What’s the point of being “king” if you can’t pick the pepperoni off your pizza?! But apparently he takes his diet very seriously.

“It has worked for me,” James said. “It has been one of the best things I've decided to do for my career.” It’s an interesting possibility. Maybe he should have done a TV event around that decision instead of the whole “taking my talents to South Beach” fiasco?