By Joey Skladany
Updated August 02, 2016
Credit: © Jason Miller/Getty Images

Go big or go home. The sentiment rings true both on the court and at the dinner table for 4-time NBA MVP LeBron James.

We all know the best part of pizza can be the stuff we pile on it, but LeBron’s most recent order at Blaze Pizza gives all of us "I wonder-what-it-would-be-like-to-order-all-of-the-toppings" dreamers something to aspire to.

In a photo uploaded to Facebook, LeBron revealed a pizza with 16 toppings. We repeat, 16 toppings. That’s got to be some sort of Guinness world record, right?

From parmesan to arugula, LeBron does not discriminate. Though we’re not entirely sure we agree with some of his flavor profiles. (Banana peppers with turkey meatballs? Bleh.)

And don’t think we didn’t notice that s’mores pie, LeBron. Considering it's the off season, go ahead and treat yo self.