The NBA superstar once again reveals his affinity for wine. 
lebron james wine knowledge
Credit: Layne Murdoch / Getty Images

Chalk this incident up to another chapter in the ‘LeBron James loves wine’ saga: After achieving yet another milestone in his basketball career—in case you’re unaware, James plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers—James made it clear that he's still the best basketball player in the world with this statement: "You can just say I'm like fine wine, I get better with age."

James was inspired to make the bold declaration after achieving his third triple double of the season during Tuesday night’s 129-107 win over the Phoenix Suns. To people who don’t follow sports, that might sound like gibberish so I’ll give you the simplified version: A triple double means achieving double digits in three different statistical categories in a single game (for example, scoring more than 10 points). You can read more about James’ third triple double at ESPN, if you’re curious.

James took the opportunity during post-game locker rooms interviews to inform the assembled journalists that just because he’s getting older (for a professional athlete at least; he’s only 33) doesn’t mean he’s loosing his touch on the court. Quite the opposite in fact. So why does all this matter to a food magazine? Because it’s more evidence that James—and perhaps the entire NBA—is obsessed with wine.

James is well-known for posting pictures of his favorite wines on his Instagram account, and recently his teammate Kevin Love commented that James has a “supercomputer” brain when it comes to storing and recalling wine knowledge. Recently, Amar’e Stoudemire, who played for the New York Knicks, released his own line of kosher wines. If you’re still curious about why the NBA is home to so many amateur sommeliers, you might want to check out this piece from ESPN magazine, which explores the topic with more depth.

All you really have to remember, though, is that James is a bonafide wine expert, so you should probably never doubt his skills in the wine room—or on the basketball court.