The basketball player hopes to expand Nobodys Pizza nationwide.
Carmelo Anthony pizza chain
Credit: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Hardly anything goes better with basketball than pizza and beer, which some of the most famous players in the game seem to understand: Following in the footsteps of LeBron James, who invested in Blaze Pizza and was met with great success, Carmelo Anthony has also decided to put his money on a pizza chain: Anthony recently invested $5 million in the Bronx-based Nobodys Pizza.

According to a report from the New York Post, Anthony is working with Somerset Hospitality Group to expand Nobodys Pizza nationwide. Somerset Hospitality Group also recently partnered with another chain of pubs called The Ainsworth—you might recognize the name from that viral video of the $1,000 24-karat gold chicken wings.

Anthony’s business plan is to open as many as 30 new side-by-side locations of Nobodys Pizza and the Ainsworth near sports stadiums around the country, likely starting in Nashville. A smart move, given that long lines at stadiums can sometimes be a turn off for hungry fans. Another option near the stadium might attract game-goers who are looking for a quick bite away from the crowds.

With a superstar like James promoting the chain, Blaze quickly gained a loyal fan base. Could the same happen for Anthony? While the owner of Somerset Hospitality Group, Keith Rubenstein, insists that the company is still scouting possible locations and opening dates are still a long way off, he did reveal that Nobodys Pizza plans to use its “investor base of professional athletes” to promote the chain.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll soon find Carmelo Anthony's face plastered on pizza boxes, but maybe he’ll make a surprise visit at one of the chain’s locations to work the register, just did like James did at Blaze in 2016—much to the delight of the lucky customers who happened to stop in that day.