By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 02, 2015
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If you love Oreos but find yourself lamenting the lack of alcohol in the creamy filling, here’s a DIY project you might be interested in.

The concept, created by Foodbeast, is simple: Get yourself some Oreo-brand pudding mix (which I guess prevents the Oreo name from being bastardized by keeping everything in the family). Make the pudding per the usual instructions, except add in 6 ounces (about four shots) of your favorite alcohol. Once that concoction has chilled, just scrape out the old Oreo innards and replace with your new boozy mix.

Now, that’s if you want to be truly authentic to the Oreo concept. Once you’ve created some liquored-up pudding, pretty much anything is on the table—whether it be using it as a filling between any two types of cookies or even going after it with a spoon. No matter what you try, it probably won’t be the craziest thing you’ve ever done after drinking four shots.

[h/t Neatorama]