Hopefully, the end of 2015 will also mean the end of all the Star Wars hype… at least until Episode VIII: The Struggle with Roman Numerals hits theaters in May of 2017. But we’ve still got about 30 hours left in this year, so allow me to squeeze in one more The Force Awakens-related post.

Yesterday, the YouTube show Nerdy Nummies (yes, the show’s name, its opening and its host are all pretty annoying, but we’re talking Star Wars here, so let’s try to get past that) had an episode showing off how to make BB-8 cake pops. Yes, those are little cake robots on a stick.

Got a child’s birthday coming up? Do you live alone in a filthy studio apartment but love Star Wars and have been looking for a decent recipe for a cake on a stick? Either way, this is the kind of fun baking project that might just make your day.

Or even if the recipe isn’t your cup of tea, watching the video is something you can do for the ten minutes you have to kill before going off to the theater to see Star Wars VII for the seventh time. I bring my own 3-D glasses now!