By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 10, 2015

The YouTube channel How to Cake It has taken all sorts of foods and re-created them in cake form. Some of their most popular videos include instructions on how to make cakes that look like but actually aren’t a watermelon, a stack of pancakes, a grilled cheese sandwich and a jar of Vegemite (which is horrible in so many ways).

For her latest creation, host Yolanda Gampp decided to tackle a “pizza cake”—guaranteed to be a surefire winner, because it combines two things everyone loves: YouTube videos and wasting 13 minutes at work on the Internet.

Despite looking like a pizza, Gampp’s creation is anything but savory. According to her blog, it’s a vanilla cake base, with a toasty fondant crust, raspberry buttercream sauce and modeling chocolate cheese. Then, for toppings, this pizza is covered with candy and fruit snacks. Pizza has never tried to pass itself off as a health food and this pizza cake is certainly no exception.

Another thing this pizza cake has in common with real pizza: It looks way too complicated to try at home. I’ll just wait for some pizza cake delivery.