Credit: © FOX / Getty Images

You like tell yourself you learned something about cooking after watching fifteens seasons of Hell’s Kitchen, but let’s be honest, the show is more likely to improve your screaming skills than your culinary technique. But if you really want to learn a thing or two about cooking from Gordon Ramsay, now you may finally have your chance. The British celebrity chef has announced he’s launching a series of online cooking courses starting next year.

The restauranteur/TV personality and producer has teamed up with San Francisco-based startup MasterClass to host over 20 cooking lessons, over four hours of video in total, for $90. (Pre-enrollment is already open.) The course, which is set to premiere early next year, will reportedly cover topics “including picking ingredients, knife skills and dish presentation, taking users through his own recipes for everything from lobster ravioli to beef Wellington,” writes Variety.

“This isn’t theater,” Ramsay said, implying that most of his other shows are, yes, pretty much just theater. “I want to empower students to understand what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and how they can expand their knowledge and skills in the kitchen.” My god: It almost sounds less like TV and more like an actual cooking class!

Giving the project a bit of additional gravitas, the videos will be directed by Davis Guggenheim who’s helmed TV shows including ER and 24, as well as major documentaries like An Inconvenient Truth. Meanwhile, Adam Bricker, who shot Chef’s Table, will be the director of photography. And MasterClass has developed a pretty decent teaching pedigree, offering up lessons like Aaron Sorkin discussing screenwriting, Serena Williams talking about tennis and Christina Aguilera opening up about singing.

If $90 seems to rich for your bank account I guess you can always try to go back and watch those 241 episodes of Hell’s Kitchen a bit more closely. You already paid for the Blu-rays after all.