YouTuber Mike Boyd, who has a series of “Learn Quick” videos, recently tackled this glass shattering stunt.
Breaking a Wine Glass Using your Voice
Credit: pixtawan/Getty Images

If you’ve ever doubted your ability to accomplish new things, Mike Boyd’s YouTube channel is the inspiration you’ve been seeking. For his “Learn Quick” series of videos, every month, Boyd picks a new challenge and tries to conquer it as quickly as possible, quantifying his progress in both days attempted and actual hours and minutes of effort accumulated. Some of his most popular projects have been learning to draw dotted lines on a chalkboard, learning to kickflip, learning to stack dice, learning to wheelie, and that old standby, learning to solve a Rubik’s Cube. However, wine lovers may be most interested in his latest video: “Learn to Break a Glass with Your Voice.”

Spoiler alert: He’s able to accomplish the task, and relatively quickly at that. In the end, it took him 4 hours, 29 minutes of practice over the course of 14 days before a crystal wine glass finally shattered in his face thanks only to the resonance of his voice. (Using crystal wine glasses is apparently one of the tricks.) The simple explanation as to how he does it is that you have to mimic the same tone of the glass as steadily and loudly as possible—and a little help from a smartphone app to train your vocal chords doesn’t hurt.

But as you can see in the video, he didn’t stop with shattering just one glass. Far from just a lucky break (pun intended), Boyd goes on to destroy wine glasses with his voice with ease, showing off his talent by breakings glass after glass at the bar, the dinner table, pretty much anywhere. And the glass usually snaps in just a few seconds. In fact, as impressive as it is that he was able to learn how to break a wine glass with his voice, it’s actually probably more impressive just how easy he makes it look once he gets it down.

Now if he can just learn the pulling-the-table-cloth-out-from-under-the-dishes trick, Boyd will be able to throw the world’s most impressive dinner party.