Fig, Sea Salt, and Meringue join Coastal Blue in the New Calm collection.

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The New Calm Collection
Credit: Courtesy of Le Creuset of America

Even if you’ve just finished Marie Kondo-ing your entire kitchen, finally achieving a balanced sense of both joy and serenity in your newfound clutter-less life, you may want to make just a little more space on your shelves for Le Creuset’s new line of calming cookware colors. In contrast to Pantone's choice of a bright coral pink for official color of 2019, Le Creuset's The New Calm collection launched today with three new-to-the-brand hues that are, themselves, a gradient of soothing tones with deliciously appropriate names: Fig, Sea Salt, and Meringue.

The three new colors are joined by Costal Blue, which also fits into the slightly muted color scheme. We got a hands-on look at the trio of calm colors last night during the official launch. Here’s a description of each, with links to and other exclusive retailers:


Fig Le Creuset
Credit: Courtesy of Le Creuset of America

For those who find eggplant a little too much, fig is may be more your speed as its evokes an earthier take on purple. This color is available as a Dutch oven, braiser, and skillet.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt Le Creuset
Credit: Courtesy of Le Creuset of America

This grey-green hue may take its cues a little more directly from the sea than the salt, but nonetheless, the marine-inspired tint is easy on the eye, even if everything else in your kitchen is rocking warm tones. This color comes in a larger variety of cookware, from large and small Dutch ovens to saucepans and salt and pepper mills.

The Sea Salt collection is also available at Sur La Table.


Meringue Le Creuset
Credit: Courtesy of Le Creuset of America

If it’s possible for white to be pale, this is it. Rather than being stark, the meringue picks up perfectly on the glossy texture and ivory color of whipped egg whites while adding a hint of toasty warmth in its ever-so-slight ombre. Le Creuset went all-in on this color with 50 different products from its cast iron and stoneware collections.

The Meringue collection is exclusively at Williams Sonoma.