Pastry Chef Julie Walsh recreated the 9-foot tall cake for the Queen and Prince Phillip's 70th anniversary.

In honor of the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s marriage to Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, as he is now known—one of the grandest, and most treasured memories in British memory—the Le Cordon Bleu London recreated her wedding cake.

The new cake is nearly identical to its predecessor: It weighs 500 pounds, and it’s a four-tier fruitcake. It’s decorated with white flowers, and all the details were hand piped onto the cake. Head pastry chef Julie Walsh and her team had no model to work from, only black and white photos from the occasion.

queen elizabeth wedding cake recreated
Credit: Courtesy of Le Cordon Bleu London /

The replica of Queen Elizabeth's wedding cake made it’s debut last night on ITV, as part of a documentary called A Very Royal Wedding, which looks back on the union through the perspective of not just the people who made the cake, but the jewelers and dressmakers who contributed their handcrafted designs to the wedding. Along with the replica cake, the documentary will also feature a recreation of Queen Elizabeth’s engagement ring.

detail of recreated cake
Credit: Courtesy of Le Cordon Bleu London /

Walsh worked with a team of eight people, according to Brides, to replicate the original cake, in all its 9-foot tall glory. It took them several months of work to finish the cake.

“Specially designed tins were produced to support the cake as it baked. Every detail had to be hand drawn to form a template as no original existed, which was then piped to ensure each tier exactly replicated the original royal iced wedding cake,” Walsh explained in a statement from Le Cordon Bleu London. “The small team spent hundreds of hours piping and modeled every meticulous detail by hand based on the original photographs available.”

What happens to the cake now? It’s definitely not going to waste. The leftover cake will go to patients at the Royal Hospital Chelsea as well as other nursing homes in the area. The top tier, however, is reserved for a special tradition: It will be gifted to Queen Elizabeth herself on her and Prince Phillip’s anniversary on November 20.