manischewitz, matzo
Credit: © Ron Antonelli/Bloomberg/Getty Images

A lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on the eve of Passover claims that Manischewitz, one of the most recognizable Kosher brands, may not be Kosher enough. Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Horowitz , a longtime kosher supervisor for Manischewitz and the man behind the suit, claims that the brand has been loosening its kosher guidelines, and it’s been going on for years.

Even more shocking, the rabbi is alleging that Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the certification company who had assigned the rabbi to the Manishewitz post, knew about the issue all along and had ‘looked the other way’ as to not risk the brand giving another certification company their business.

The “Orthodox Union has violated the public trust by failing and refusing to abide by its established guidelines for certifying certain products manufactured by Manischewitz as Kosher,” the suit says.

Rabbi Horowitz was the kosher supervisor for Manishewitz for over 20 years before he was fired, which according to the Orthodox Union Kosher Division, makes this lawsuit ‘suspiciously timed’.

"The allegations in this suspiciously-timed lawsuit are entirely without merit, and we will contest this matter vigorously. We certify that the Kashrut of Manischewitz is today, and has always been, at the highest level,” read a statement from the Orthodox Union Kosher Division that appeared in the New York Daily News. “Consumers can confidently rely upon the integrity of the Kashrut this Passover and throughout the year."

Whether it’s goings on within the brand or just sour grapes from the rabbi, there’s clearly something not too kosher going on this Passover.