By Joey Skladany
Updated September 14, 2016
Credit: © DeanDrobot/Getty Images

Here's some news that will kill that sugar high.

California assemblywomen Lorena Gonzalez and Cristina Garcia plan to introduce an amendment to the state Constitution that would tax candy and snacks like soda, chips and cookies.

Now, before you send Sour Patch Kid-filled hate letters to their respective offices, the elected officials raise some thought-provoking arguments. The proposal would almost undoubetdly lead to healthier eating habits, but it would also benefit those buying products which are more vital to everyday life than candy.

Governor Jerry Brown recently vetoed a bill that would repeal sales tax on necessities like diapers, tampons and toilet paper. He claims that the financial breaks would create too much of a burden on the state's annual budget. Gonzalez and Garcia's suggestion to implement the "snack tax" is merely a creative alternative to eliminate taxes on items you'll use every day. The idea is that additional taxes on unhealthy groceries (that should already be purchased sparingly) will make up for the difference.

Though the measure has garnered mixed opinions, its future in legislation will be an uphill battle. California is notorious for shooting down tax exemption bills in all forms, so the chances of paying more for your Doritos or Ho Hos are pretty slim.

That being said, this is a state where Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected govneror twice.

You've been warned, candy lovers. It's now time to stockpile.


(h/t LA Times)