Unicorn Frappuccinos have nothing on Starbucks' new pink ombré drink. 

Starbucks has been killing the rainbow drink game lately: The pink pegasus, green dragon, mermaid and of course, unicorn, Frappuccinos have been flooding Instagram feeds since April.

The latest drink to appear on their (now not-so-secret) menu has been dubbed the pink ombré drink, and it's got a subtle sunset vibe to it that we can't get enough of.

The drink is super simple: It's just classic pink drink -- now officially a menu item -- made from Starbucks' Strawberry Açai Refreshers, a touch of passionfruit and açai, coconut milk, ice, and a scoop of real strawberries. To make it ombré, your barista just tops the whole concotion off with Passion Tea.

Given its rosy-hue, the drink has been popping up all over Instagram, but according to Starbucks Melody, a blog which keeps up with news from the chain, the drink won't officially be on the menu until May 31, but as long you know the ingredients you can order it. The blog also says that you could ask your barista to use the Cool Lime Refresher as the base for the pink ombré drink.

Instagrammers who have posted the drink say it's refreshing, and thankfully, not as sweet as you might think.

Starbucks' near-fantactical obsession with drinks based around mythical creatures aside, they have been creating a whole rainbow of ombré drinks for a while now. Their uber-creative baristas have made versions in neon green (with coconut milk and matcha), purple (with blackberries), and orange (with manjo juice).

They've invented so many variations on their classic drinks that earlier in the year, we almost believed a Reddit thread claiming that the new Frappuccino to hit Starbucks was going to be Sriracha-flavored.

Yeah, that was probably a venegeful prank by all the baristas sick and tired of serving unicorn-hungry millennials (can you blame them?), but to be honest, we'd still try it.