He should stick to his day job. 
Seth Meyers flour shop
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

The cakes at Flour Shop in Soho, which was founded by baker Amirah Kassem, are known to be a little audacious. Kassem’s cakes are pure rainbow joy. The outside is covered in rainbow sprinkles, each layer of the cake is a color of the rainbow, and the “explosion” cake gushes with rainbow sprinkles when you cut into it. These treats are reserved for those dessert fanatics among us who lead double lives as unicorns. Last night, Kassem took her rainbow sugar factory to the Late Night with Seth Meyers stage and tried to teach him how to bake one of her fantastical cakes. To say that he struggled with the process is an understatement.

First Kassem handed over the frosting bag, and instructed him to squeeze a ring of frosting onto each layer of cake. Using both hands, he attempts to force the frosting out the bag, then clumsily spreads it around using a flat spatula. With the encouragement of Kassem, he then dumps a glass jar full of candy and sprinkles into the center of cake. Kassem, who holds decorating classes for kids at Flour Shop, jokes that Meyers is “almost as good as the kids,” at putting together his cake. Yup, frosting a cake actually takes quite a bit of skill and concentration.

Eventually, Meyers abandons his decorating project in favor of sampling some of the goodies Kassem brought from her shop: the doughnut cake and the pizza cake (that’s exactly what it sounds like, and it even comes in its own pizza box). Kassem brings out a finished cake, which obviously looks much more professional that Meyers’ version, and cuts a huge slice for him, revealing the waterfall of sprinkles that pours out from between the slices. Doing what any other reasonable person would do when presented with a personal cake, he grabbed the slice with his hands and took a bite right out of it.

Meyers is his charming self as always, but it’s Kassem’s imaginative creations that really—ahem—take the cake here. Be right back, I’m heading to Soho to pick up one for myself.