By FWx Editors
Updated September 25, 2015
Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Was that spicy tuna roll you ate for lunch today looking a little, well, boring? That’s probably because it you didn’t get it laser etched. But if you pick up one of the new Glowforge 3D printers, that will never be a problem for you again.

Glowforge is part of the shockingly fast evolution of 3D printing hardware that has given rise to a versatile set of machines that can print can anything from furniture to gummy candy.

Unlike those printers though, the Glowforge doesn’t build layers of material, it cuts them away. It’s a laser cutter and etcher that allows users to put custom designs on any three dimensional piece of material they own. Want a monogrammed purse? No problem. A custom design on your Macbook? The printer will etch it on gently enough so that no harm comes to your precious computer. And yes, it will even put a laser cut pattern on to your sushi rolls.

The printer is costly right now—full price is $3995 but for early adopters who order one by October 24 it’s only $1995. It sounds like a lot, but come on, how much is a fully customizable maki worth to you?

You can preorder Glowforge or just gawk at pictures of its impressive capabilities here.