It'll be ready by June.

By Food & Wine
Updated May 24, 2017
las vegas
The future home of the robotic bar
| Credit: © Busà Photography / Getty Images

If you love the social atmosphere of bars but hate people – first, you have a lot of conflicting feelings – but second, the Las Vegas Strip will soon have the answer for you: the “first Robotic Bar in the World.” That’s right, no more being forced to order your drinks from a friendly human bartender who will give you heavy-handed pours and free buy-backs. Now you can order a drink from a cold robot that measures alcohol with atom-splitting precision.

Like many things in Las Vegas, the hype currently seems to be outweighing the substance. According to Eater Las Vegas, though the forthcoming drinking hole has a location and its aforementioned head-turning “first in the world” catch phrase, many of the important ones and zeros have yet to be nailed down. What is known, is that a company called Robotic Innovations will be taking over a 2,472-square-foot space in the Miracle Mile Shops near Planet Hollywood (yes, the Britney Spears place). The storefront is reportedly set to get an approximately half-million dollar makeover and be ready to open “at the end of June.”

Even without any additional details, it’s easy to imagine gamblers going from dumping their money into some digital penny slot machine to feeding dollar bills into a robotic bartender for a drink. At least with a robot bartender, you’re guaranteed to get something out of the transaction. And of course, the Strip is always a good spot for some bizarre novelty.

At the very least, any sort of bar – robotic or not – is sure to be more popular than the location’s previous tenant: Napoleon Menswear. Here’s a conversation no one has ever had in Las Vegas: “What should we do today? Pool party? Maybe get a little action in? We could even head straight to the strip clubs right now!” “Actually, Mark, you’ve been in the market for some new dress pants for a while, right? Why don’t we just take care of that today? Cross it off your to-do list? That’ll feel productive!”