It won't look like your average convenience store.
Credit: Courtesy of Wawa

In case you missed the festivities earlier this week, Thursday, April 12 was Wawa Day, the regional convenience store's anniversary celebration during which customers can snag a free cup of coffee. In addition to the usual promotion, Wawa took its 54th birthday a bit further by hiding a secret menu in its in-store touchscreen kiosks. What was on it? Birthday cake-flavored shakes and smoothies, of course. But that wasn't the only trick Wawa had up its sleeve for the big day. Wawa used the occasion to make a big announcement: The world's largest Wawa is coming to Philadelphia.

The new location will located at the corner of 6th Street and Chestnut Street in Independence Mall inside the Public Ledger Building "nestled in Philadelphia's historic district," according to information provided by Wawa. It's a fitting place for the largest location, as the City of Brotherly Love is also Wawa's hometown. According to a statement from Wawa, the space will tie together industrial and art deco design elements along with living greenery and video screens, provide cafe and couch-style seating, and feature a mural project that reflects the city's personality. The total size of the store? 11,300 square feet.

Credit: Courtesy of Wawa

In addition to packaged food and drinks, the store will offer an "extensive food service selection" ranging from "signature hoagies and made-just-for-you specialty beverages, to some of Wawa's newest offers including customer salads and new signature coffee blends." A spokesperson for Wawa says the new store will open by the end of this year.

The current largest Wawa in the world sits at 111 19th St. NW in Washington D.C. and sports 9,200 square feet of floor space. Once it's eclipsed by the new Philly location, it's reign as the biggest store in the chain will have been a short-lived one—the downtown D.C. location just opened in December of 2017 with much fanfare and a line out the door.

If that opening was any indication, the new Philadelphia Wawa should be making headlines, or at least social media timelines, by the end of this year.