By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 19, 2015
© MitarArt / Alamy

A landlord in Bothell, Washington, is offering a discount you don’t often see when renting an apartment: Vegetarians get $200 off the rent—almost 10 percent of the asking price.

Seattle’s King5 spoke with Jinesh Varia who is renting out his three-bedroom townhouse. Not only is his family vegetarian, but he believes it’s important to spread the vegetarian gospel as well. “Ethically and morally, it's extremely important to be vegetarian,” he told King5. So though anyone can rent his townhouse for the full $2,200 a month, Varia hopes that offering the discount speaks to a larger point. “I really believe, just like the no smoking policy that all landlords have today, that we can promote this as a way to spread awareness,” Varia said. “See if I can create a trend.”

One trend he might be creating is tenants lying to their landlord. As far as enforcing the rules, he says he’s only planning on using the honor code: There aren’t any cameras in the kitchen or undercover agents going through the trash. So though certain kinds of meat-lovers—like those who might be interested in setting up a smoker out back—would probably think twice about trying to ask for the discount; the kind of vegetarians who say, cheat while they’re drunk, might still be able to get away with a few white lies without much of a problem.

Though if you did get busted eating meat after saying you qualified for the vegetarian discount, it would certainly be fun to tell people you once had a pulled pork sandwich so good it got you evicted.

[h/t Munchies]